Country: Lebanon
Collection Type: Press
Collection Size: > 50,000
Period: 1900-1930 1930-1960 1960-1980 Later than 1980
Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Colour images Digital files Film-based negatives Glass plates positives and/or negatives Prints

One of the largest press publications in the Arab world, Annahar was established in 1933 and its photograph collection, which really began in 1937, expanded as the journal grew. It initially focused on the political and economic life of Lebanon and the Arab world, as well as globally, and today covers all topics including international news, culture and sports.

Three million photos were acquired by donation from staff or contract photographers or by purchase from other news agencies, around half of which have been scanned, digitized and indexed by Annahar’s Information Center. The archive is still expanding and is made available and accessible to researchers, students and the public at large through the online Annahar Archives & Information System program (ANAIS). The photographic archive has been used for publications, including history books, and exhibitions in Lebanon.

Contact Details:
Nabila Bitar, Collection representative


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