Baakleen National Library

Country: Lebanon
Collection Type: Library
Collection Size: 1,000-10,000
Period: Later than 1980
Type of Material & Format: Colour imagesDigital files
Upon the initiative of Member of Parliament, Walid Jumblatt in1987, the building was restored and furnished to assume the role of a public library, which was equipped with various volumes, reference books, and periodicals. Its goal is to meet the needs of scholars, as well as to stimulate and develop the cultural movement. The National Library also includes the Baakleen National Library Friends Association, which consists of individuals concerned with public affairs, supporting the library financially and morally.

The Baakleen National Library inherited black and white photographs from the Jumblatt family but only fewer than 200 remain at the library.

Contact Details:
Name: Hussein el Dahouk
Address: Baakleen, Shouf, Lebanon
Tel: +961 5 304 050


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