Beit el Bennani

Country: Tunisia
Collection Type: Private collection
Collection Size: 10,000-50,000
Period: 1860-1900 1900-1930 1930-1960 1960-1980
Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Film-based negatives Glass plates positives and/or negatives Prints
Beit el Bennani’s main aim is to safeguard the cultural heritage of Tunisia, its manuscripts and photographs.

The collection began in 1997 following the visit of a lady carrying her father’s, Mohamed el Bennani’s archive documenting Tunisia. Mohamed el Bennani, initially collected books and engravings and developed a growing interest for photography. 90% of the collection documents the history of Tunisia, and goes back to the years 1878-1957 (prior to the country’s independence). The collection includes glass-plates, and original material from international photographers such as Guarriges (1881), Albert a Bizerte (1895) and Lehnert and Landrock (1909). It also includes photographs from local tunisian photographers such as the private collection of Mostafa Bouchoucha (8,000 negatives dating 1932-1967) deposited by his daughter, and some photograph collection from the archive of the Tunisian National Library.

The entire collection is entirely digitized and catalogued by theme and name of photographer.

Contact Details:
Name: Mohammed Bennani, Owner
Address: 11 bis, boulevard Bab Menara, Tunis 1008. Tunisie
Tel: Fixe : 00216 71 564546 Mobile : 00216 98 243799


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