Bibliothèque Générale et Archives de Tétouan

Country: Morocco
Collection Type: Library
Collection Size: 10,000-50,000
Period: 1900-19301930-19601960-1980
Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Colour images Film-based negatives Glass plates positives and/or negatives Prints
The Bibliothèque Générale et Archives de Tétouan aims to provide historical resources to researchers.

The photograph collection is a heritage from the photograph library of the Spanish Protectorate, which lasted between 1912 and 1956 and covered the North of Morocco. It covers a wide variety of themes related to the different facets of Moroccan livelihood, whether culturally, socially, economically, architecturally, historically, and also related to public health and administration. In addition, the archive covers portraits of Moroccan and Spanish personalities that have marked the history of Morocco and Spain’s ties under the Spanish Protectorate.
The collection is available to researchers.

Contact Details:
Name: Ahmed Teimi
Address: 32 avenue Mohamed V, Tetouan, Morocco
Tel: 0539963258


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