Care of Photographs

Published in 2003 by Susie Clark and Franziska Frey.

Translated to Arabic by Ghada Haidar in 2009.

Prior to the launching of MEPPI, the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) produced an Arabic translation of a key preservation resource: a key text by Susie Clark and Franziska Frey, entitled “Care of Photographs.” Originally published by the project Safeguarding Photographic Images for Access (SEPIA), the text was translated before the workshop and distributed to all of the participants. Among the challenges of rendering “Care of Photographs” into Arabic was finding accurate translations of technical terms – such as preservation, conservation, autochromes, and metadata – and differentiating subtle but vital shades of meaning. The AIF added a glossary to the Arabic translation in an attempt to establish a consensus on how to translate and apply the terms. The text covers identifying photographic materials, responding to deterioration and making a collection publicly accessible through digitization.

Available for download below, in English and Arabic, or to order as a paper copy by contacting


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