Cultural Research Bureau

Country: Iran
Collection Type: Cultural organisation Private collection
Collection Size: > 50,000
Period: 1860-1900 1900-1930 1930-1960 1960-1980 Later than 1980
Type of Material & Format: Glass plates positives and/or negatives Slides (positives)

The Cultural Research Bureau includes the Photo and Pictorial Studies department, which was established around 1996 in order to provide photographs for the institution’s various projects and publications. The activities of this division are divided into research related to general theory and publication of books and quarterly magazines. Some of the departments are focused on history & culture, architecture & culture, photography & culture, philosophy & culture, economy & culture. The Cultural Research Bureau have published a series of books called ‘What do I know about Iran?’ which includes 124 titles.

The collection contains around 50,000 images including glass plates, negatives and positives (slides) and is stored off-site.

Contact Details:
Name: Rana Javadi


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