Kasr Al-Eini Museum, Museum of Arab Faculty of Medicine

Country: Egypt
Collection Type: Museum University
Collection Size: < 1,000 Period: 1860-1900 1900-1930 1930-1960 Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Prints Website: http://www.medicine.cu.edu.eg/beta/index.php/en/about/54-history/193-the-museum The idea of establishing the Kasr Al-Eini Museum was first initiated in 1976 by Dr. Mohammed Almenawi, the surgeon gynecologist and obstetrician who was general secretary of the Faculty of Medicine and responsible of the Museum, to present the modern history of modern medicine in Egypt. It was initiated to feature the oldest Faculty of Medicine in the Orient, which was inaugurated in 1827 by Mohammed Ali Pacha to introduce the European techniques in the Egyptian army. The Museum narrates the history of medicine in the Orient, confirming the historical role played by the Qasr Al-Eini School of Medicine as a linkage between medicine in Pharaonic (Ancient) Egypt and modern medicine. The library of the Museum houses numerous rare books and references, an encyclopedia on "The Wise Men of Qasr Al-Eini" or the biographies of 154 professors who lectured in Qasr Al-Eini, with their photographs. Some of these photographs go back to the 19th Century. It also holds various documents and manuscripts, tableaux of marble, portraits and statues. The collection is only available to the public on display; the rest requires permission of the dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Cairo University. Contact Details: Name: Hisham Nigma, Director Address: Qasr Al-Eini campus on Al Manyal ar-Rawdah Island Tel: +202-2364-4665


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