Masry Media Corporation

Country: Egypt
Collection Type: Press
Collection Size: < 1,000 Period: 1930-1960 1960-1980 Later than 1980 Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Colour images Website: Masry Media Corporation was founded in 2003. When the institution was founded, it began to build a photograph archive, as an important part in a press institution, since they had no old photographs. Thus, they purchased old photographs from old institutions such Al-Ahram, which have the largest archive in Egypt and old photographs from professional former presidential photographers. They held several exhibitions generally for the photographs and published a photography book. The collection is available only for publishing in the newspaper, the website, and all publications. It is not open for the public, except for the researchers with permission from the institution. Contact Details: Name: Ahmed Al-Jamal Email: Address: 49 Mobtadaian st. from Kasr al-Aini st., Downtown Cairo Tel: +2027980100 Other:


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