Abdulrahman Al-Ghabiri was born in 1968, and has worked as a photographer in Yemen for over 40 years. His photographic themes include fields and orchards surrounding Otama district in Dhamar where he grew up, as well as landscapes and people (among his most famous photographs is an image of a Sana’ani woman in an orchard). Al-Ghabiri first learnt how to develop and print film with his mentor, Khalid Al-Sakkaf. He has documented Yemen’s historical events such as the 70-day siege of Sana’a, when he was a soldier in the popular defense, and the 1979 war between the North and South in which he took part in and was injured. Al-Ghabiri established his own studio, Gabreez, in 2008, and the collection is family-managed, with four of his five children working in photography and film Contact Details: Name: Mr. Abdulrahman Alghabri Email: / Website: Address: Sanaa 60 Meter Street (Al Siteen Street) Tel: + 967771205151 Other: Articles: “Images of the past / Renowned Yemeni photographer documents country’s history”, by Samar Qaed, Yemen Times, published on 1 August 2013.

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