National Library and Archives of Iran

Collection Type: Library State agency/ Ministry The National Archives and Library of Iran is Iran’s largest research center, housed in a extensive complex in Haqqani and Mirdamad in Tehran, as well as a number of branches around Tehran. The Archives also have satellite branches in provincial cities. The Archives and Library hold a vast number of textual and visual sources, including over 1.7 million books, in addition to over one million dissertations, manuscripts, photographs, and other documents.

The National Archives of Iran is the main official authority responsible for the collection, preservation, processing, and information dissemination of documents of national and historical importance. Its photograph collection consists of over 32,000 photographs ranging from glass plate negatives and positives, positive prints and black and white images.

The collection is available for researchers.

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  • Address
    • National Library: Tehran, Shahid Haghani Highway, after the Haghani Metro Stop
    • National Archives: Tehran, Mirdamad Blvd, before Madar Square, at the end of Shahid Behzad Hesari (S. Razan) St.
  • Website: n/a
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