Centre de Documentation Nationale

The Centre de Documentation Nationale (CDN) (National Documentation Center) is a governmental agency, and enjoys administrative and financial autonomy. The CDN holds a collection of around 10,000 black and white photographs, which are mostly copies taken from Tunis Africa Press Agency. These photographs document national and historial events during the 20th century, with various subjects such as Tunisia in the 20th century, the Husainid Dynasty, transportation and modernity, monuments and historical sites. The photograph library is open to the general public and is mostly consulted by researchers, journalists and historians. The collection is partly catalogued and digitized, and available on the CDN’s online database. Contact Details: Name: Mounir Alhaji, Director ; Kaouther Dridi, Collection representative Email: kaouther_kiki@hotmail.fr Website: http://www.cdn.nat.tn/ Tel: +216704020; +216704002; +216704960 Address: Boulevard Mohamed Albouazizi – El Menzah 1004 – B.P 603 Ariana 2080 – Tunis

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