Centre National de Documentation de Presse et d’Information

Appointed by presidential decree in 1984, the « Centre National de Documentation de Presse et d’Information (CNDPI) » has a mandate to collect, process and preserve all types of information, as well as to publish and circulate documents. CNDPI is involved in different projects with public institutions and contributes to realizing major goals related to communication and information. It possesses a rich digital and historiographical heritage, which depicts more than a century of Algerian history through texts and photographs. The photographic archive contains around 1 711 953 negatives and 15 000 photographic slides related to prehistoric and historical vestiges, monuments and historical sites; the social status of Algerians between 1945 and 1954, portrayals of personalities from arts, literature, science and political fields, the major stages of Liberation war, as well as all Algerian cultural, socio-economic and political activity from more than a half century. The CNDPI also has publications and also contains a video library housing around 800 video recording and reports on political, economic, historical and cultural issues. The material is available for researchers and teachers and contributes to implementing national politics related to press documentation. Contact Details: Name: Nacera Boudjemia Email: bourouilanacera@yahoo.fr Website: http://www.cndpi.org/ Address: 2 rue Farid Zouioueche, Kouba, Alger Tel: 021 77 78 72 / 021 29 89 34

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