Dar Al-Hayat Information Center

Dar Al-Hayat Information Center has been created with the re-launch of the Lebanese newspaper Al-Hayat of 1946-1976 as a Pan Arab newspaper from London in October 1988. Based in Beirut, the center is currently a corporate unit that caters for Daralhayat publications (Alhayat international and its local editions, Laha Magazine and al Wasat Magazine (ceased in 2004)). The center’s photographs collection covers all Dar Al-Hayat publication's interests and holds it in its Beirut central archives over 270,000 photographs. All pictures have been archived either as born-digital photos or as digital conversion from original prints and slides. A very limited photograph collection belongs to Alhayat of 1946, due to the fact that the old archives were destroyed by a fire in 1976 during the Lebanese civil war. Database replication for internal access is made available in the 3 main geographical sites (London, Beirut, and Riyadh).

Contact Details

  • Name: Nada Itani
  • Email: nada@alhayat.com
  • Tel: +961 1 987 990 ext 405
  • Fax: +961 1 983 921
  • Website: http://www.alhayat.com

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