Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation

Collection Type: Library State agency/ Ministry The Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation manages the water resource projects at the state level and monitors all water resources in Egypt. The Ministry (first in Egypt) dates to 1836, and holds a collection dating from the 19th century up to at least 1960s documenting the ministry’s projects. The collection consists of approximately 360 albums, 24 albums of aerial surveys, together comprising 84 specific collections, and more than 2000 photographs. It also includes a small collection from Saad Zaghloul. It is open to the public upon permission Contact Details: Name: Saber Ahmed Saber / Shaimaa Sobhy Ibrahim (Information Specialist) Email:,, Website: Address: NWRC, Fum Ismailia Canal, PO BOX 74 Shoubra El-Kheima, 13411, Cairo, Egypt Tel: (202) 4218-9535, 4218-8250 Other: Facebook:تراث-وتاريخ-الري-فى-مصر-MWRI-Central-Library-1516235405280906/?pnref=story

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