Foto Galatasaray / Tayfun Serttaş

The Foto Galatasaray project is based on the re-visualization of the complete professional archive of Maryam Şahinyan (Sivas, 1911 – İstanbul, 1996), who worked as a photographer at her studio in Galatasaray, Beyoğlu from 1935 until 1985. The archive is a unique inventory of the demographic transformations occurring on the socio-cultural map of İstanbul after the declaration of the Republic and the historical period it witnessed; it is also a chronological record of a female İstanbulite studio photographer’s professional career. Armed with the wooden bellows camera her father originally took over from a family that immigrated from the Balkans in the aftermath of the First World War and the black-and-white sheet film she continued to use until 1985, Şahinyan, in a sense, arrested time – both against the technological advancements photography was experiencing and contemporary trends. In the end, she created an unparalleled visual coherence without compromising her technical and aesthetic principles. The collection consists entirely of black-and-white and glass negatives. The physical archive of Foto Galatasaray is a rare surviving example of the classical photography studios of İstanbul’s recent past. Approximately 200,000 negatives in the archive were sorted, cleaned, digitized, digitally restored, categorized by a team under the direction of artist/researcher Tayfun Serttaş. Contact Details: Name:Tayfun Serttaş Email: Website: Address: SALT/ Garanti Platform, Taksim. Istiklal Cad. Garanti Han. No: 115A Istiklal Cad. Garanti Han. No: 115A, Istanbul, Turkey Tel: +905358257331

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