Ramesh Shukla Collection

Ramesh Shukla was an Indian photographer who arrived in Dubai in 1959. He was one of the official photographers for the royal family thus having close ties to the rulers and the court of Dubai and Abu Dhabi since the 1960s.

His collection covers 40 years of life in the UAE mainly, in Oman and the region. His images depict themes of everyday life in the emirates from official life of the sheikh’s family, landscapes and portraits to the development of modern infrastructure in the fast expanding cities. His photographs of the Rulers of the UAE adorn palaces and private collections, and his work appears on UAE postage stamps, currency notes, in the Municipality and Union House in Dubai and is reproduced in Dubai metro stations.

His work is featured in two best sellers, The UAE- Formative Year 1965-76 and 40 years life of the UAE 1965-2010. The UAE- Formative Year 1965-76 is a selection of 130 black and white photographs spanning what are arguably the most important years in the history of the UAE - those immediately preceding and following nationhood.

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  • Name: Four Seasons Gallery, Ramesh Shukla
  • Email: rshukla@fourseasonsgallery.ae; info@fsrg.com
  • Address: Al Zomorrodah Building, Zabeel Road, Karama Dubai, UAE
  • Tel: +971 433 4909 ext. 111
  • Website: https://www.fsrg.com/historical/
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