The Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Collection Type: Research center State agency/ Ministry The Department of Antiquities aim is the protection of antiquities as well the presentation of antiquities, including research, survey, excavation and site management. Founded in 1923, the Department of Antiquities of Jordan was established under the management of Mr. Ridha Tawfeq who relocated it from Jarash to Amman. The main goal of the Department of Antiquities (DoA) at that time was to protect all antiquities defined according to the law as any movable or immovable object made, written, inscribed, built, discovered, or modified by human beings including caves, sculpture, coins, pottery, manuscripts and other kinds of manufactured products which indicate the beginning and development of science, arts, handicrafts, religions, traditions of previous civilizations, or any part added or rebuilt after that time. Additionally, the goal included research, survey, excavation and site management. Leading British archaeologist, Lancaster Harding, was appointed as Director General of the DoA in 1936. His well-known book “The Antiquities of Jordan” is a reference to all those who wish to learn about the archaeology of Jordan. Photograph collections of the DoA include the private collection of Lancaster Harding (1936-1956) containing 4130 photos, as well as Horsfield collection (1919) containing 119 photos, the Department of Antiquities of Jordan Collection (1955-1975) containing 989 photos, the Jerusalem Collection (1965-1970) containing 88 photos and the Jordan Archaeological Collection containing 367 photos. In 2004, the DoA began archiving negatives and digitizing part of their collection. The photographs depict archaeological sites, artifacts or objects, and city views. The collection is available to researchers. Contact Details:Name: Hala Al-Syoof, Photo Specialist Email: Address: Jebel Amman Street, Sultan al-Atrash P.O. Box 88, Amman Tel: +962 2 4644336, 4641275, 4644482, 4642669

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