University Archives and Special Collections, American University of Beirut

The University Archives and Special Collections (ASC) Department at the Libraries of the American University of Beirut (AUB) aims to collect, organize, preserve and provide access to the University’s archives, as well as to primary and unique historical resources that document the history and culture of AUB, Lebanon and the region at large. The Archives and Special Collections contain 700 linear feet of archival material (including papers of famous Lebanese and Arab intellectuals); 1,400 manuscripts; 9,000 volumes of AUB theses and dissertations; 5,000 posters; 1,900 maps; and 50,000 photographs. The collections are developed and enriched on an ongoing basis to support the academic and research programs of the AUB.

The AUB Archives and Special Collections’ photograph collections cover the late 19th to the 21st centuries and include many formats (negatives, glass plates, cabinet cards, albumen, black and white silver, colored, etc.). The collections include a number of significant holdings: the Moore Collection (106 black and white photos of AUB campus, Lebanon and the region taken between 1892 and 1915); the Blatchford Collection (801 photographs of the Middle East, Europe and North Africa between. 1880 to 1900); an Egyptian Theatre Collection (477 photos Black and white photographs in 20 albums that cover History of Egyptian Cinema from early to mid-twentieth century); the Richard Finnie Photo Collection (52 black and white photographs of Lebanese towns and cities during the 1950s); the Manoug Photo Collection (around 464 black and white photos of Lebanon covering the years 1940 to 1990); the Kanafani Photo Collection (228 black and white as well as colored photos covering crafts and folklore in the Middle East, 1982, 1998), in addition to an extensive photo collection documenting AUB’s various academic and extra-curricular activities since its founding in 1866.

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