RIWAQ, Center for Architectural Conservation

Country: Palestine
Collection Type: Cultural organisation Foundation or Association NGO
Collection Size: > 50,000
Period: 1960-1980 Later than 1980
Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Colour images Digital files Film-based negatives Prints
Website: www.riwaq.org

RIWAQ was established in 1991 to document the built cultural heritage of Palestine. In 1994, it initiated the Registry of Historic Buildings project that provides encyclopedia of architectural information on 50,320 historic buildings in 422 Palestinian localities. 10% of these buildings no longer exist. Photography is used to document these sites.

In addition to the Registry of Historic Buildings in Palestine, RIWAQ has an archive, which consists of more than 400 computerized maps (digitized from their original paper version), and more than 150,000 photographs of historic buildings and landscapes. While some are in the digital form, others are blue prints, negatives, and slides.

RIWAQ’s archive is an invaluable resource that not only gathers information, but substantiates it in a collection of protected maps and photographs. RIWAQ is planning to publish a photo archive to make material accessible for researchers and Palestinians in the Diaspora.

Aside from the Registry of Historic Buildings, RIWAQ has been making documentary videos and film that showcase the heritage and rehabilitation process. They also have publications, a residency program and have initiated in 2005, the Riwaq Biennale.

Contact Details:
Name: Yousef Taha
Email: yousef@riwaq.org
Address: P.O. box 212, Ramallah, Palestine / Palestine – Al Sharafeh – Al Bireh
Tel: +972 2 2406887


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