Tareq Rajab Museum

Country: Kuwait
Collection Type: Museum Private collection
Collection Size: 1,000-10,000
Period: 1930-1960 1960-1980 Later than 1980
Type of Material & Format: Black and White images Colour images Digital files Film-based negatives
Website: http://www.trmkt.com/

The Tareq Rajab Museum holds the personal photograph collection and records of Tareq Rajab, the first director of Antiquities and Museums in Kuwait in the 1950s. He opened a Museum of Islamic art and a museum of Calligraphy in the 1980s to house the artefacts he and his wife had been collection during their travels in the Islamic world, and beyond Central and South-east Asia.

Tareq Rajab was passionate about photography and documented the evolution of Kuwait and the region over six decades, and in particular the Marshes of Iraq. The photograph collection consists of 10,000 images dating from 1960 onwards, including Tareq Rajab’s own photographs. It comprises film-based negatives, digital files, Black and White images and color images.

Tareq Rajab has published twelve books including Glimpses of the Recent Past: Kuwait 1960-1965, The Carved Wooden Doors of Kuwait, the Gulf & Yemen, and Tareq Sayid Rajab And the development of fine art in Kuwait

Contact Details:
Name: Ziad Rajab, Collection representative
Email: zrajab@gmail.com
Address: PO Box 6156 Hawelli 32036 Kuwait
Tel: +965 25317358


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