The production of new written material and the translation of existing texts into Arabic is part of a broader aim to disseminate knowledge about photography preservation in particular and cultural heritage in general throughout the Middle East and North Africa region. This is being carried out in direct response to the dearth of educational opportunities regarding conservation in the region. These translations are free to obtain for collection keepers.

Here is the list of publications:

// Worksheet for Outlining an Emergency Plan

Published by the Northeast Document Conservation Center in 2007. Text by Karen Brown, translated into Arabic by Dina Abou Salem and Jacques Aswad in 2012. Available for download in English and Arabic.

// Guidelines for Care and Identification of Film-base Photographic Materials

Published by the Getty Conservation Institute in 2010. Text by Monique C. Fischer and Andrew Robb, translated into Arabic by Dina Abou Salem and Jacques Aswad in 2012. Available for download in English and Arabic.

// Guidelines for the Preservation of Photographs

Published in 2012 by the Arab Image Foundation, with the support of Tru Vue Inc. Text by Heather Brown, translated to Arabic by Jacques Aswad.

This bilingual booklet provides basic preservation guidelines for the long-term care of historic and contemporary image collections, such as photographic prints and negatives on paper, plastic, and glass. Available to order as a paper copy by contacting Available for download here. (update download link)

// Handling Guidelines: Photograph Conservation

Published by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2011. Text by Nora W. Kennedy and Nancy Reinhold, translated into Arabic by Dina Abou Salem and Jacques Aswad. Available for download in Arabic.

// Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel

Translated into Arabic and produced by the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) with the permission of Heritage Preservation, 2010.

The Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel, produced by US-based Heritage Preservation, is a tool outlining procedures for reacting to natural and man-made disasters, such as floods, hurricanes and fires. The tool lists the crucial steps to be taken to safeguard photographic collections in addition to many other cultural artifacts ranging from framed artworks, ceramics and stone objects to books, textiles, natural history specimens and electronic records.

The wheel can be ordered by contacting

// Preservation of the Photographic Heritage of the Eastern Mediterranean

Abstract – “There exist hidden treasures in the Eastern Mediterranean, largely unrecognized and cared for by an enlightened few. These treasures are not the artifacts, monuments and architectural wonders that normally come to mind when pondering the incredibly rich and long cultural history of the region, but photographs dating from the early history of the medium to the present day that are the undervalued record of times past, documentation of social, political and cultural history and the expression of past and present societies.

In 2006 the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) and two photograph conservators from the United States began a collaboration that ultimately led to a successful two-week Middle East Photograph Preservation Institute (MEPPI), supported by funding from the Getty and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundations. Fourteen individuals from five Middle Eastern countries participated in this unprecedented and highly successful workshop. This has served as a springboard to launch a range of initiatives aimed at the preservation of photographic heritage in the region. It is clear that the AIF role is critical, but it must also be supported and augmented by collaboration and participation from other individuals and institutions with similar aims. Initiatives must be produced at all levels to raise awareness, educate, train and prepare the next generation to care for, appreciate and utilize this invaluable resource.” Read the full text here.

// Care of Photographs

Published in 2003 by Susie Clark and Franziska Frey. Translated to Arabic by Ghada Haidar in 2009.

Prior to the launching of MEPPI, the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) produced an Arabic translation of a key preservation resource: a key text by Susie Clark and Franziska Frey, titled “Care of Photographs.” Originally published by the project Safeguarding Photographic Images for Access (SEPIA), the text was translated before the workshop and distributed to all of the participants. Among the challenges of rendering “Care of Photographs” into Arabic was finding accurate translations of technical terms – such as preservation, conservation, autochromes, and metadata – and differentiating subtle but vital shades of meaning. The AIF added a glossary to the Arabic translation in an attempt to establish a consensus on how to translate and apply the terms. The text covers identifying photographic materials, responding to deterioration and making a collection publicly accessible through digitization.

Available for download in English and Arabic, or to order as a paper copy by contacting