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Your archive, your memories: our history. The Palestinian Museum Digital Archive is a major component of the virtual platform of the Palestinian Museum. The Museum is developing an open-access digital archive that can be regularly updated and which records photographs, artworks, films, audio, paper documents, books and other materials, and preserves them through digitization from loss, damage or expropriation. As the Palestinian Museum’s signature project, the Digital Archive (PMDA) illuminates over 200 years of the Palestinian narrative for posterity and those interested in Palestinian history wherever they happen to be with a collection nearing 70,000 endangered objects.   Being a people’s archive through and through, PMDA scouts, researches, and digitizes imperiled Palestinian archives and sets them down for the public eye and research communities. The PMDA collection gives voice to the Palestinian narrative as fleshed out in people and organizations’ records and memorabilia where the collective history and individual experience thread through and wrap around each other.

Project Aims - The protection and preservation of an endangered Palestinian historical legacy. - The adoption of digital documentation as a means of resistance to dangers or threats facing documents or other materials. - The preservation, documentation and dissemination of our collective memory. - The development of a resource on Palestinian political, social and cultural history. - The provision of a knowledge base for researchers, artists and interested individuals, providing a hub for research, projects, etc. - To raise awareness, particularly among the youth, about the importance of Palestinian visual, photographic and written legacy.
Archive Availability The Palestinian Museum makes the digitized materials available to the public via the project’s website: Do you have any forgotten photographs or documents lying in some drawer? Do you keep valuable archives or collections in your organization? Would you like to see them digitized and made available to researchers and the public? Join us in providing a treasure of knowledge about Palestine! This project is funded by Arcadia, a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin.

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