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Ramesh Shukla describes his destiny and his presence in the United Arab Emirates as being in the right place at the right time. his undivided devotion to the nation is reflected in his photographic collection accumulated over the past fifty years, capturing intimate aspects of life in the U.A.E. [caption id="attachment_753" align="alignnone" width="700"] Courtesy of Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, Dubai[/caption] Today, these images feature in many prominent venues in the region and overseas. His images of the rulers of the U.A.E. also adorn palaces and private collections, and his work appears on U.A.E. postage stamps and currency notes. Shukla has received several awards the most distinctive tribute being a gold plate presented to him on the twenty-sixth Accession Day of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He continues to capture the evolving landscape of the U.A.E. and is involved in several noteworthy projects. The first national museum of the U.A.E., the Etihad Museum showcases a permanent exhibition of Ramesh Shukla's best historical photographic collection to date. The Etihad Museum will be the pinnacle of Ramesh Shukla's career as an artist and a photographer. Ramesh Shukla's devotion to art and creativity, along with the unreserved support from his wife Tarulatta and son Neel Shukla, led to the foundation of Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery, featuring a diverse collection of photographs, paintings, furniture, lighting, framing, and accessories. To this day, Ramesh is constantly exploring and challenging his artistic skills. His passion for photography and dedication to the U.A.E. is transparent and relentless.

Contact Details

  • Name: Neel Shukla
  • Occupation: Creative Director
  • Email: neel@fsrg.com; info@fsrg.com
  • Address: Al Zomorrodah Building, Zabeel Road, Karama, 504411 Dubai, UAE
  • Tel: +971 433 4909 ext. 111
  • Website: https://www.fsrg.com/historical/

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