MEPPI Extended // The Digitization of Photographs – Beirut 2018

An advanced, eight-day workshop was held in June 2018 at the Monroe Hotel in Beirut, as part of MEPPI’s Extended Phase.

This workshop, which hosted 8 participants from 6 countries, served as a pilot project, enabling MEPPI to assess and build on its outcomes and past successes. The workshop built on various successful modules from previous MEPPI training workshops, expanded and capitalized on them, and introduced extended practical sessions, hands-on exercises, and specific digitization case studies. The aim was to further and support existing expertise in the digitization domain, to empower participants, and equip them with tools and methods for sustainable and continued success, including efficient project management, assessment tools, metadata, and quality control, etc. Specific topics covered throughout the eight days included; choosing and evaluating equipment; project management; understanding quality issues of digital reproductions; quality control and image processing; file and metadata management.

Principal instructor: Klaus Pollmeier

Teaching assistant: Charbel Saad

Project manager: Joe Khachan

The following course material are available for download:

  • Schedule for Digitization Workshop in Beirut (2018), available in English and Arabic
  • Session Outlines for Digitization Workshop in Beirut (2018), available in English and Arabic